Saturday, August 18, 2012

An Open Letter to Democrat U.S. Congressmen

Of course, I mean both congress men and women. I want an honest conversation here without distractions. I would like to address those of you that understand what is happening to our country, even if you don't dare to express those thoughts aloud. I know that there are some of you that are as frightened as I am about the road that our country is on. I know that many of you are appalled at the rancor, lies, and false charges aimed at good people that want nothing but to do good. I know that many of you actually like and respect many of those from the other side of the aisle. You are the people that this open letter is addressed to.

We may have technically come out of the recession. That is only a result of number crunching. We never left the doldrums. We have just been drifting around a little. We are on the verge of going deeper into the recession than we have been. This is not a double dip. We are really in the same recession. But it could even be the start of a long fall into a depression. The statistics say over 8% unemployment. We all know that it is really north of 14%. Maybe higher with the college grads that can't find work. In minority communities it is even worse than that. Business and housing are both dead in the water without much immediate hope. Construction is down 70 to 80%. Not a pretty picture.

The country is standing on the edge of a tax precipice. If the "Bush tax cuts" are allowed to expire and the craziness of the Obamacare tax structure is instituted, businesses will freeze in their tracks. It will take anyplace from a decade to a full generation to get the country back on track. In the "Declaration of Independence" our founders pledged "their Lives, their Fortunes, and their Sacred Honor" to the founding of their new nation. Those are big words and they mean big things. That is why, as long as the Republic stands, their names will be revered.

The situation today is, certainly, different than it was in 1776. But it is becoming more dire every day. It is time for men and women of honor to reach out across the aisle and do what is right. Stand up to the ideologues and those with weak knees in your leadership. There is nothing they can do to you or nothing that they can offer you that is worth doing harm to this nation. And, make no mistake, that is where we are headed.

The fork in the road is there and it is coming up fast. You don't have to pledge your lives. Maybe you might have to pledge a little bit of your fortunes and all of your Sacred Honor. Do what is right and bring your country back from the edge. Bring back America.

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