Sunday, August 26, 2012

Random Thoughts - Eight

First of all, I would like to thank those that have supported my blog. In just under 5 months I have had over 5000 hits from 41 countries. That may not equal the Drudge Report but it is very gratifying to me. Thank you.

It seems that Muslims are the Democrats new favorite minority group. The Democrat National Convention will be holding "Jumah at the National Convention" for 20,000 Muslims. This will include a Friday afternoon Jumah prayer leading up to the "Islamic Regal Banquet". The next day will be an Islamic cultural and fun fest. Everyone, please just draw your own conclusions here. I just don't know where to go with this.

James Hamblin the Atlantic's health editor, being a kind and caring liberal, has suggested in that magazine that Boy Scouts should be "killed like rabid dogs" because they do not support homosexuality. Now isn't that nice.  I have two grandsons that are in scouts and have been since their Cub Scout days. I really don't think it's a good idea to have 10 year olds out camping with some 16 year old that has just discovered his propensities. Call me old fashioned and you'd be right. If the Atlantic has any class at all, Mr. Hamblin is now on a job search. I must have missed this on MSNBC.

Here's another cutie. The Obama administration gave $495,000 to a public relations firm and you'll never guess what they spent it on. Yep. Political ads for Barack Obama. Creating jobs is so much fun.

I just checked. There will be no fun fest or banquet at the DNC for the Democrat's ex-favorite minorities. It's tough when love goes sour.

I have mentioned that I have been a Red Sox fan for many, many years. This is a team that has totally lost their heart. It is painful to watch. When there is discontent and bickering without leadership the result looks like this. I can't even sit and watch a whole game any more. I don't enjoy preseason football. But the regular season can't come fast enough. Go Patriots!

Mr. Obama, you didn't make that beer.

Todd Akin has caused the Republican party more pain, trouble, and aggravation in one day than all the Democrats have in a month. He has trashed his career. There is no need to take the party down with him. Resign now! Do the honorable thing!

Is there anyone that has made themselves more irrelevant than David Letterman?

All the Dems and the press trashed Sarah Palin for talking about Obamacare death panels. Well, it seems that she was right. Part of Obamacare is a 15 member "Independent Payment Advisory Board". These non-medical political appointees that need no congressional approval are required to find ways to cut the cost of medical care. They answer to no one and their word is law. Ultimately they will be allowed to refuse doctor advised treatment as being to expensive, (ie. chemotherapy to a seventy year old or a kidney transplant to an alcoholic). More hopeless change.

Just in case you haven't caught on yet. All that bragging Obama's doing about the success of GM is going to blow up in his face. When they ship a car from the factory to a dealership, they count it as sold. It's not. It's just sitting out there with acres and acres of unsold cars that the government counts as sold. Every American should be given one for free, since we have already paid for them and will continue to far into the future. Thank you Barack for your superior business acumen. Not!

Please, can we get our America back?

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