Saturday, August 4, 2012

Chickens Don't Hate, Liberals Do.

I had a dream last night. Maybe it was more in the form of a nightmare. I was very rich and very successful. I owned a chain of auto parts stores from coast to coast. I sold the very best parts ever made and I sold them at fair prices. I may not have made a lot on each sale but volume was good and every store was profitable. I paid my employees a fair wage with reasonable fringe benefits. Every one of them had a chance to move up in the organization.

I was active in civic affairs and gave time to serve on committees that did good works at both the state and national level. I was in good standing in a local church of a prominent religion and gave of both my labors and my wealth. I was respected and thought to be a good man.

Here is where it gets to be a nightmare. During an interview, I stated that I didn't care if they stopped singing "America the Beautiful" at baseball games. Especially as they don't sing it very well any way. That inept remark started my downfall. Within seconds it was tweeted around the world. I was excoriated on conservative talk shows. The Tea Party organized sit ins on my front lawn and signed petitions that they would never buy another car part from me if they had to walk.

Little packages started coming in the mail with cartridges in them. All with my name on the bullet written in ink. Red ink. Conservative celebrities tweeted my home phone number to their peeps. My email inbox blew up. It was terrible. I screamed out, and woke myself up. I was sweating. My heart was racing. I couldn't catch my breath. But as I calmed down, I realized it had to be a dream. Conservatives don't act like that and the Tea Party doesn't act like that. They might make the point that you are wrong. Sometimes they will make that point strongly. But they don't attack and threaten citizens. They do not try to affect your livelihood. Politicians are fair game. Citizens, no. But the one thing no conservative will ever do is to try to impede your freedom of speech. Not now. Not ever.

Well, it was all a dream after all. I'm not in the car parts business. I'm certainly not rich and famous. I'm just an old retired guy with a few ideas and a desire to write about them. But I was thinking, I am glad I don't own a popular fast food chain and really be a good religious person. I'm especially glad that I didn't answer a question honestly that I believe in traditional marriage. Because if one does that liberals and pandering mayors are not nearly so kind and forgiving as conservatives. They are perfectly willing to shut down your business, disgrace you publicly, interfere with your first ammendment rights, and run you out of town. Since I don't like people like that I'll continue to be the Cranky Conservative. Preserve America!

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