Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another Open Letter to Mitt

Dear Mr. Romney,

Mitt, my friend, I used to be a Republican. I am no longer.  Back during George H.W. Bush years the party left me. I am still a conservative.  I bill myself as a Constitutional Conservative. But I am now speaking to you as a middle of the road voter. Let me rephrase that. I am speaking as a middle of the road voter that realizes that a victory by Obama would seriously damage this country.

You're a reserved person. Most men of your generation, especially those of means, were raised that way. There is nothing wrong with that. In politics that reserve can be a handicap. I know that you were taught to be modest, polite, and quiet about your own accomplishments while extolling others. Again, fine qualities in a businessman or a president. An obstacle to be overcome by someone campaigning for President.

While you're a good looking guy, you are never going to be a rock star. You will never run out onto the stage yelling and pumping your fist to rile up an audience. You live in a world of logic, information, and firm decisions made not from feelings or ideology but from research and knowledge. While you are willing and capable of making hard decisions on your own you will try to find a consensus position to get support from others.

So here is my suggestion. While I'm sure that your convention speech will be a great speech. It will be from the big stage in the big hall, probably giving air to big ideas. And after all that, people will not feel much closer to you than they do now. I think that you need to get more up close and personal with the voters. After the convention is well over, do a twenty minute speech on prime time TV sitting at a desk in a modest working office. Look right into the camera. You will be looking your audience right in the eye. No shirtsleeves. Wear a suit and tie. You're an executive, not the foreman of the shop.

Then open up to who you really are. Talk about your childhood growing up with George Romney as a father. Talk about the Mormon principles that made you what you are. Talk about your marriage and you family. Become everyone's likable and dependable neighbor. Become the person that they can rely on.

Finally pick three pivot points for your campaign. Big points not infinite details. Then do what Ronald Reagan did. Treat your opposition with humor but keep pounding those three points. Don't let Obama's straw men distract you. Assign knocking those down to others.

You have a great ticket and the wind at your back. Now go win one for the Gipper.

Best of luck,


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