Thursday, May 31, 2012

More Random Thoughts

A nap and two martinis will change your attitude.

Liberals are not dumb. They just don't understand complicated.

A sixteen year old German kid just solved a mathematical problem first posed by Sir Isaac Newton three hundred year ago. He is the first to solve it. He has opened up new areas in Dynamics. There are some really smart ones out there. They are the hope of the world.

Why can we not keep intelligence efforts secret. Note to the politicians, those efforts are more important than your re-election. Leakers should be prosecuted.

The U.S. Senate used to be thought of as the finest deliberative body in the world. Now Harry Reid won't let anything of substance get to the floor. He only allows what he can use for political leverage. What were the people of Nevada thinking.

I repeat, three terms for a senator, then out. Too much power. Too much arrogance. Too little reality.

Freedom is less government not more.

If the government weren't the government they would be investigated under the RICO statutes.

It's not the government's money.

Say what you want about the whack jobs that run Iran and North Korea but they have managed to keep our leaders off balance and confused for thirty years.

Another leak about sending troops into North Korea followed by a quick cover up. The insanity goes on.

When you have a few years under your belt, living in an apartment simplifies your life. But you don't know how much you will miss a garden until you don't have one.

Time speeds up in the summer and slows down in the winter.

Does it really enhance the dignity of the presidency for POTUS to use Letterman and The View as a major political forum.

Just so  I understand, a man risks his life to help us get Bin Laden and we leave him and his family hanging. Have I got it right?

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  1. Reid has a lot of substance on the floor. All the bills that the house passed are literally on the floor.