Tuesday, May 1, 2012

An Important Reminder

The reason that this reminder is important is that almost every reader is on Medicare, approaching the age for Medicare, or has family that is on Medicare. Obamacare will most likely be struck down by the Supreme Court. We'd best pray that it is. In case you've forgotten, the President wants to give health care to thirty-million people that are now uninsured. He plans to pay for this by taking away half of the Medicare trust fund to pay for it. Yes, the Medicare trust fund that is already within a few years of bankruptcy. With less money in the trust fund, there has to be government rationing of health care to seniors to make it work. They call the means to do this a "health oversight committee" or some such benign and friendly sounding name. Down and dirty it is basically the "death panel" that we were assured did not exist and never would. They will have the power to override your doctor and deny treatment.

Hey, us older types are not very productive. We usually vote but not the way certain people prefer. We even write letters to the weak kneed politicians who support this kind of thing. Throw us all under the bus. Push us out to sea on an ice flow. Cut back on our medical care. It's all the same. After all, if we were useful, we'd be rich and would pay for our own care. Of course, we'd have to go to Switzerland or someplace because Obamacare won't allow doctors to accept direct payment from patients. So even if you are willing to pay for treatment your government is still an obstacle.

Reading the news today, I stumbled on a little article about the FDA. It seems that they are planning to allow the medications used to treat chronic problems to be sold without a prescription. I thought this was odd but almost passed over it. Then the little light bulb in my mind turned on. You have high blood pressure? Go to the drugstore. Have the druggist check your BP. He can then sell you your meds. Diabetes? Same deal. No doctor visit, no charge to Medicare. Great, maybe we can go back to having barbers do blood lettings and minor surgery. It's only the life and health of an older person. No big deal. 

These changes will allow those with the power to give more to those that love the government dole. Keep them trapped and dependent and you have a voter for life. Those that voted for "hope and change" are becoming hopeless because they see their life changing in a way they do not want. They are becoming prisoners of the system. It has become generational. I have been to France. It's a nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there. ("Nice place" no pun unintended). I also do not want the United States to be made over in France's image. That is change we all cannot believe in.

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