Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Random Thoughts

Liberals so convinced of their own superiority that they accept behavior in themselves that they would not tolerate from another person.

Eisenhower won World War Two and said less about that than Obama has said about giving the go  ahead on the raid on Bin Ladin.

Economics 101 and Political Science 101 should be high school courses.

I consider carrot cake a vegetable.

Before you criticize any candidate for any office, run yourself. And I mean seriously run. Run like you mean to win. Then you will understand the degree of personal commitment that it takes. Also it will cut back on the amount of criticism that come out of your mouth making you a better person.

And zucchini bread too.

Schooling doesn't necessarily make you smart. A lack of schooling doesn't necessarily make you stupid.

Being a United States Senator is the best job in the world. But no one should be allowed to keep the job more than three terms. A person basic humility can not stand up to more than eighteen years. It changes them and not always for the better. I do understand why they never want to leave.

Getting older is a bitch. Nothing seems to work right any more. It's like living in an old house that got no maintenance. Things either leak, peel, or stop working all together.

Keynes was wrong. Terribly wrong.


If  we don't stop printing dollars they will have as much value as the 1930s deutchmark.

Let me see if I understand; Water boarding is a war crime but killing people with drones is not. Even if there is collateral damage. Even if the ones being killed are American citizens. Have I got it right?

Freedom of religion is not freedom from religion.

God bless America.


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    1. 1. Just as true of Conservatives.
      2. GWB is no Eisenhower, either. In fact, he
      lied about his reasons for going to war and,
      unlike Eisenhower, didn't win anything, but
      had a lot to say about getting Saddam. He
      also said during a press conference that he
      wasn't concerned about getting bin Laden.
      Obama was and did. He's entitled to
      bragging rights.
      3. Agreed.
      4. I consider chocolate cake a vegetable,
      since cocoa grows on trees.
      5. I presume YOU have run for office?
      6. Same answer as #4.
      7. Agreed. That's probably why the
      Conservatives are trying to cut education.
      I mean, who needs it anyway?
      8. I agree and feel that should also apply to
      Supreme Court Justices, since they have
      bastardized their position by making their
      decisions based on politics rather than on
      the Constitution.
      9. Ain't it the truth.
      10. So it appears.
      11. They probably already do. My dad once told
      me to invest in gold and silver because when
      paper money went down the crapper, precious
      metals would be where it's at. He took his
      own advice. Alas, I didn't.
      12. You've got it right.
      13. I feel I'm free of religion. Unfortunately,
      the Conservatives make that difficult when
      all this War on Women and Obama is a Muslim
      talk never ends. The new laws they are
      making bring Christianity into our lives
      whether we want it or not. And I don't want.
      14. I wish He would, but it's not looking real