Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Once Again, Down the Rabbit Hole

I don't usually rant. But I feel a good rant coming on. We have all gone down the rabbit hole into "Alice in Wonderland" territory. I listen to the media talking about the financial policies of the two parties in the upcoming election and get very confused. I hear that the Democrats want to raise taxes and increase regulation. This is good because it will boost the economy and put people back to work. In what parallel universe does this work? Take money out of the economy so businesses can't afford to hire, have research and development projects, or buy raw material. At the same time, have government entities devise constantly changing rules and regulations so that the future is unsure and ever changing. Then give the money to those same government entities  so they can spend it as they see fit. Call me a skeptic but might they not reward their political friends or even organize big expensive parties for themselves. This is going to improve the economy. Where does that make sense except to the brain dead media that feel it is in their best interest to sell this flap doodle as good goods.

At the same time, cutting taxes and getting the government off of the back of business is bad. Shutting down the coal industry and forcing up the cost of electricity and putting thousands out of work is good because it's fair. Hey, I didn't say it. The president did. Oh,and no oil from the Canadian oil sands because the most studied pipeline in history needs more study. I'm telling you, we've fallen down the rabbit hole

There's more. There's always more. The government has decided that men no longer need prostate examinations. Doctors didn't decide this. The government did. Well that will get rid of those pesky doctor bills that would have been sent to medicare. Keeps the cost of Obamacare down and we're only dealing with old men any way. No problem. Oh, and for those of us that need meds for diabetes or high blood pressure, the government wants to make them "over the counter". No need to see a doc. Just go talk to your pharmacist. A few more office visits that won't have to be paid for. And if the oldies all kick off a little earlier that will take pressure off social security. Am I cynical? You bet I am. Maybe even a little paranoid. But some time even paranoids are right.

Sorry. I don't usually rant but once in a while the pressure builds.

Thanks to all that read my little essays. I am happy to say that readership is increasing. Send the link to your friends. I enjoy doing it but it is even more fun when I get a lot of visits.


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