Sunday, April 29, 2012

Is America Exceptional? Let Me Count The Ways!

Before we start the count, look out in your own mind. Search the globe. Look at every country that you may have visited in reality or in fantasy. Can you to any degree of seriousness name another country that comes close to what we have between these blessed shores.

First, we have the Constitution of the United States of America. If you have studied the framers and the Constitution itself, you understand the pure genius of this document. Short and concise, it builds a framework for freedom that can, if nurtured and cared for, can last for centuries. We are blessed that the greatest minds of their era were here and made the opportunity to create what we enjoy today.

Second, we have the "Bill of Rights". Once the Constitution was made law, the framers realized that certain rights of the individual citizen must be stated and unequivocally granted, not by the state, but by our maker. If you have not read the Bill of Rights, you should. And understand these are the rights of the individual citizen. There is more. But all that follows is based on what precedes.

Third, we have the free enterprise system. The ability of any person to go, on their own, and create a business for themselves and succeed to the best of their abilities is precious beyond gems. I once knew a young man who didn't have a great deal to recommend him. He graduated from high school, bought a power mower and worked mowing laws. He bought a truck. Added more equipment. Got some of his friends to work for him. He created a business from practically nothing.

Fourth, there is the spirit of the American people. We believe in freedom and tolerance to a greater degree than any civilization in history. We not only insist on it for ourselves but also want it for others to the point we have sacrificed our own lives and wealth to that end. We recognize no obstacle that we can't get over, under, around , or push out of the way to achieve what we perceive as a good and noble gain for society.

Fifth, is the land we live in. The beauty and diversity of our fifty states and the bounty that they produce allows us a great standard of living. It doesn't come for free. We have to work and work hard for it, but Americans are willing to do that.

Sixth is the American military. We do not have the largest military in the world. What we do have is the best trained, best disciplined, most technologically advanced military in the world. Anyone that challenges them does so at their own risk.

Seventh, are those that keep the peace on our streets every day. In a country of our size not all things will be perfect. There are bad people everywhere. But, for the most part, Americans sleep well every night. Compare that to Europe and the middle east and even some parts of Asia.

Eighth, are the watchdogs. People that work for newspapers, think tanks, news television, public service legal organizations and many others that watch the passing scene and do all they can to make the public aware when their rights are being trod upon. My motto is " believe no individual source". There is a lot of misinformation out there. But there are also so many sources today that perseverance will get to the truth.

One last thought; They do not control us, we control them. Keep this true and all will be good.

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  1. Very thoughtful post and quite true. One exception for me that you might think on some is where you said, "We believe in freedom and tolerance to a greater degree than any civilization in history." Yes and no. There have been bumps in that road, the most recent being the War on Women. If that nightmare can be considered an example of "freedom" and "tolerance", I'll eat my bra. But overall, great post, Robert.