Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Character Counts

To be honest, in this election cycle, the character of both candidates is questionable. I would not want either at my home for a dinner party. They are both loud, boorish, and self-involved. Both are also old, white, and very rich, which makes me surprised that they had enough support to become the candidates. 

So, how did they get so rich? It seems to be true that Donald Trump was jump started by a substantial loan from his father. From that, his riches came from his own efforts in the business arena. Principally from buying, selling, and developing property. That is a tough cutthroat business. You have to be equally tough as well as smart to succeed. There are constant lawsuits, zoning problems, and clashes with contractors. Show weakness and they will run right over you.

Hillary, except for a brief stint at the Rose Law firm, has been involved in government. But through the years she and her husband have parlayed public office into a roughly twenty million dollar fortune. How, one might ask? Why, by accepting contributions from foreign governments and others that need influence in our government. In other words, they sold what was not theirs to sell.

Many voters today, were not politically aware, when Bill was roaming the hallways of the White House with his zipper down, trolling for female interns. The Clintons accepted a large donation from the Chinese government and allowed them to buy some of our latest military technology. Then there was the time that they sold a large chunk of our uranium reserves to Russia. Military fighters to Saudi Arabia? No Problem. The list is endless.

Then there are the non-cash donations to the Clinton Foundation that never got declared as income on tax forms. Need a plane ride to a vacation spot or an exotic location for a high priced speech to Wall Street moguls? Just call any one of a slew of shady business people or some Arabian prince. Done and done.

Then, have one set of positions for the little people and a contrary set of positions for those with the big bucks. Yessir, they have come a long way from their old scam of selling a night over in the Lincoln bedroom.

And just to touch on Benghazi for a minute. There were people ready to go in and save those four brave Americans. They weren't allowed to because Hillary was more concerned with offending the Libyan government. So they were sacrificed.

While Donald Trump may be rude, crude, and socially wayward, I can think of no one in American politics of lower character than Hillary Clinton.

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