Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Hollow People

Recently I used the term "hollow people" in a response to an on-line article. Circumstances cause me to expand on that little piece of snarky name calling.I was referring to highly opinionated, left wing, hot air bags from the entertainment industry.

There are some really smart and informed people in showbiz. They are the exceptions. Most are focused entirely on themselves. They speak other peoples words and sing other peoples songs. The successful ones have entourages where no one dares say "no".

From the time they first showed talent, they have been pampered and coddled. They have personal trainers. They are dressed by someone else. They are made up by someone else. They have managers to handle their business. Security is provided by others. All is artifice. There is no there there. They are hollow people. Their lines, thoughts, and ideas are supplied by others.

Because they are successful and earn huge amounts of money, because those around them tell them how smart they are, because they receive no evidence to the contrary, they wallow in their personal greatness.

In fairness, being a big name in show business is time consuming. You may never appear out of the current style. You must be seen in all the right clubs with the right escorts. You must make the rounds of the right TV shows. You must always be edgy. Sit down and read a whole newspaper, no time for that. Way to busy.

But they are constantly asked to opine about current events that they have only the most shallow knowledge of. Being "big names", they will always state their opinions as if they were chiseled in stone and brought down from the mountain.

Well that's all OK. They have the right to speak their mind. But the under-informed masses glom onto their word and believe. Why Michael Moore, Lena Dunham, and Susan Sarandon get so much influence in the media, I will never understand. After all they are just hollow people.

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