Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What Dems Must Do To Survive

While so many were predicting the death of the Republican party with a Hillary win, it seems more like the possible death of the Democrat party with a Trump win. The Democrats have done so many things wrong that I thought I would dip an oar in and try to help them out. 

I can remember when there was a conservative branch and a moderate branch in the Democrat party. But around the time of LBJ, they started to veer left. Eight years ago they made a hard left turn into liberal globalist social elitism. That might have played well in the salons of Washington and New York, but not so much in what the social globalist elites call "fly over country"

They must get rid of the disdain that they show for the majority of Americans, referring to them as non-college educated working class. I have known many well educated fools in my life. Most of them could not, in a life time, figure out how to build or repair anything. They create nothing but words and theories. Show respect for those that have capabilities that you, in your fondest dreams, will never have.

Lose the idea that "political correctness" does anything but get in the way of honest communication. Get a sense of humor and realize that not every caricature is an insult and not every taco is stealing someones culture. To paraphrase a famous psychiatrist, sometimes a good taco is just a lunch.

Stop denigrating those who are white and Christian. Truth be told, white folks with a Judeo-Christian ethic got this country free and moving forward and they welcomed others who came to enjoy the freedoms that they fought for. Their record may not be perfect but it is better than any other country on this planet.

Stop blaming any repudiation of your elitist ideas on racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, and any other of your phony excuses. Sometimes you are just out and out wrong.

Finally, get a little humility. It is sadly lacking in your words and deeds.

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