Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Random Thoughts - Eighty-Nine

In his first four years, Donald Trump will actually serve our country about one year longer than Barack Obama. No twice a week golf. No extended vacations at taxpayer expense. Millions saved and more work done. Good deal.

I have voted in fourteen Presidential elections. I have never seen rioting and destruction due to a Constitutional change of state. Most of these rioters are bought and paid for, apparently by the Globalist cabal lead by George Soros. This is intolerable and un-American. Strong measures, including arrest, trial, and prison must be forthcoming. 

Liberal Democrats claim to fame is they are deeply concerned with the welfare of the "common" man. They are kind and loving, by their own admission. But for some reason, they feel that it is acceptable to do a complete and thorough character assassination on anyone who differs from their political opinion. They will destroy you, your family, your business, and anyone who supports you. They will even, lately, hire thugs to go out and assault anyone who takes your side. That is just evil. 

Speaking of evil, the spoutings from Harry Reid's mouth lately are sick and degenerate. Is he still representing Democrat thought, or has he just lost it?

People of the Jewish faith should be aware that there are many Democrats who are pushing for Representative Keith Ellison to be chairman of the Democrat National Committee. Mr. Ellison is an antisemitic Muslim. With the strife in the world today, especially in the Middle East, is this a wise choice?

My Patriots lost Sunday night. I watched most of the game. I admit to finding Pete Carroll very annoying, but the Seahawks played well and played hard. Both are great teams. I guess Seattle just wanted the win more than the Patriots.

Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton should be on TV demanding an end to the violence being carried out in their names. By not doing this they are supporting and encouraging it.

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