Saturday, October 29, 2016

Random Thoughts - Eighty-Eight

I am really concerned about education in our country. I see young people interviewed on the news and they are sadly lacking. We are fortunate. we live in the suburbs where parents are concerned and take part. We have decent schools. Unfortunately, the cities, especially the inner cities seldom have that advantage. But there are still kids there who want to learn. Who know that a good education is their way out. The cure is available with magnet schools and school choice. The only reason that it is generally unavailable is liberal politician subservience to the teachers unions. We need to stop sacrificing the children.

I love the Sandals commercials. Beautiful island. Beautiful water. Beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes. Everyone dances like a dance instructor. Everyone plays tennis and golf like a pro. I ain't going there. I'm looking for a commercial with plain folks with beer bellies and muffin tops who trip on the dance floor and muff every other shot. I'd go there because I would be among my own.

Director Comey is trying to resurrect his reputation with the help of Anthony Wiener. He may be doing the right thing, but his reputation is gone, never to be recovered. My advice, clean up this mess and go.

I realize that I have been doing a lot of "Random Thoughts". My readers seem to enjoy them and I enjoy writing them. With the ugliness of the political scene, it allows me to make some serious points and still add some lightness. It's just fun for me.

I have to finish this today. Tomorrow is Patriots football. A second crack at the Bills but with Brady. This is going to be good.

As they say around here "not fur nuttin but", why, when they find vote tampering, is it always Republican votes that are switched to Democrat. I'm seeing a distinct pattern here.

We have got to put a time limit on electioneering. Politicians have just made things miserable with there little lusts for power. Four months. That should be more than enough!

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