Saturday, November 5, 2016


I've never been a big fan of cheating or cheaters. From as far back as I can remember "don't cheat" has been drummed into me by parents, teachers, coaches and who ever. And that is right, cheating is just the same as stealing.

But, once again, if you are a liberal, rules do not apply to you because you are so much better and want to make the whole world better in your image. So, any means to your end, becomes the new rule. 

High Democrat mucky-muck and erstwhile CNN employee Donna Brazile passed debate questions along to the Hillary Clinton campaign, to give the woman who is so prepared to be President that she needs no extra advantage, an extra advantage. In doing this Ms Brazile reduced herself to nothing better than a sneak thief.

Ms. Brazile is now suffering the results of her foray into crime, having lost her employment. I don't know if charges can be brought, but she should also be drummed out of the Democrat corps. (For President Obama, that is pronounced core, like in an apple.) I doubt that this will happen. 

But more to the point, Hillary accepted getting a heads up on the debate questions and used them to prepare. That is just dishonorable. She wants to be President of the greatest country in the world, but has no sense of honor and the public knows this. 

So, her qualification are that she is dishonest, untrustworthy, and she is a woman. That is hardly the proper resume for a job like President of the United States. It seems we have a contest of "how low can you go?" Ms. Clinton has supplied the answer.

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