Monday, October 17, 2016

Leopardesses Don't Change Their Spots

HRH who would be queen of the known universe, hasn't changed a bit over the years. And that is not a good thing. The stories have been repeated from too many venues over too many years not to be believed.

Back when she and Bubba were the top dogs in the top kennel in Arkansas, tales started leaking out about her harsh treatment of her state police security team. Right from the git-go she apparently looked down upon them in utter disdain. She treated them like servants and cursed them out royally for any perceived slight.

As time marched on and she and Bubba got to be the top dogs in the big white kennel, her attitude, it has been repeatedly said, got no better. I'm not sure if worse is even possible. Multiple sources have told of the sad and rude treatment she rained down on the Secret Service agents sworn to protect her, even to interfering in their ability to do their job. But, it seems, that it wasn't just Secret Service, police and military were also subject to her scorn and derision.

More time passes and Her Royal Highness ends up as the Lord (OK, Lady) and Master of Foggy Bottom. The second most powerful position in our government. As Secretary of State, she had her own police force, Diplomatic Security. These fine, well trained agents, took the privilege of guarding the Secretary, as an honor. But not under Hillary. Senior agents who normally fought for the position, were now fighting to get out of the job. Ultimately, she ended up with a security team of junior agents.

As it is told, she not only looked down on the agents who would take a bullet for her, but she also derided and embarrassed our Ambassadors. It is protocol, when traveling in a foreign country, for the Secretary and the Ambassador ride together in their armored limousine. Hillary would oust the Ambassador and travel with Huma Abadin, her friend and Deputy Chief of Staff.

The point being that the woman handles power like her own personal club as a weapon of fear and subjugation. Should a person of this nature hold the reins of power of the most powerful nation on Earth.

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