Sunday, October 2, 2016

Random Thoughts - Eighty-Six

I wish that Barack Obama showed as much concern for our police and our veterans as he does for "Black Lives Matter" and the Muslims of the world.

In three hours, the Patriots will start their fourth game of the season. It will be the last without Brady. If they win this one, they will be 4 and 0. That will really stick it in Goodell's shorts. And we fans will smile and smile and smile and.............

It must be great to be twenty years old and know all that there is to know. But it is harsh to get to be forty years old and realize how little you actually do know.

Those that continue to deny that most of the violence in the world today is rooted in fundamental Islam will change their tune as it increases in number and scope and they are personally and deeply affected by it. Pick up a Quran and read the immutable words of Allah as told to Mohammad.

Liberals live in a world where ideas and intentions replace facts and reality. 

The United Nations is attempting to override the sovereignty of the United States.  It is trying to impose laws, taxes, and regulations. Our President seems amenable to this. It must never be allowed. He has already ceded control of the internet. He is a globalist and his dealings must never occur. Also, is this another Obama policy that Hillary would adopt?

My immediate plans are to have lunch and watch some Patriots football. But I, like MacArthur, will return. 

OK. My Patriots lost. I am not terribly surprised. A rookie Qb and they did not play well. The Bulls did. But, call me suspicious, not that I want to cast aspersions on NFL officialdom, but there were a number of weird penalties, or lack of same, that make me wonder. They would not have won anyway, but I dislike tampering in sports, and I am of a cranky and suspicious nature.

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