Friday, March 11, 2016

Random Thoughts - Seventy-Nine

I did not think that any living human being could get more time in front of TV cameras than Barack Obama. But Donald Trump has done that and then some. TV news has become all Trump, all the time.

If Trump comes into the convention with a substantial lead, is the Republican "power elite" stupid enough to try to stop him? They just may well be.

If Hillary is not indicted for her crimes, it will put her above the law. That is something that no one should be in America. That will only happen if the Department of Justice is a corrupt part of Democrat political power.

In the past day, I have seen three different articles where Obama either denies blame or blames others for problems in the world. He blames Cameron and Sarkozy for Libya. He blames Republicans for division in the country. And he denies blame for the turmoil in the Republican party. Almost eight years in office and he has never been in error. If you don't believe me, just ask him.

The weather is warming and I am waiting rather impatiently for opening day. Go Sox!

Deals have been made and jobs have been promised. I see three obvious positions filled in a 
Trump administration. Frankly, I cannot disagree with any of them. If Trump is elected and he pulls in good people, we are ahead of the game.

Anybody but Hillary! OK, except Bernie.

Supposedly Young people are supporting Hillary for President. So they are willing to support a shrill old women, who is an inveterate liar,  and cares for no one but herself. If these young people believe that she is a candidate that they should support, I fear for the future of this country.

God bless America! We need to step back from the precipice and rethink where we are going as a nation.

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