Monday, March 14, 2016


The country is faced with a number of crises. Some are wrought by others like the ISIS crisis. (Sorry, I like alliteration.) Others are created right here at home by people who should know better. The most immediate is brought about by the actions of Hillary Clinton, a woman who seems to have a dark cloud of crisis constantly hanging over her head.

From her early days when she worked on the Nixon investigation and got caught cheating, through Whitewater, through her actions during Bubba's bimbo eruptions, through Benghazi, Hillary's attitude has been, "no rules for me, just rules for thee". She has operated this way for a long time. It may be over.

But her latest crisis may shake the country right to the roots of it's founding. The premise has always been that the United States of America is a country of laws and that those laws apply equally to all. No one gets a free ride.

Hillary Clinton has apparently committed crimes, whether by sloppiness or by brazenness, that have endangered the safety and security of the country. She can act the fool and pass it off with a silly grin and a snide comment if she wishes, but it is deathly serious. 

The FBI takes it seriously. They have between one hundred and one hundred and fifty agents investigating. The Director, himself, is involved. They are issuing subpoenas and working their way up the ladder of responsibility. It has been said that they are days, or at the most, weeks, away from asking for a Grand Jury to be convened,

And therein lies the crisis. If they go to the Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, and request a Grand Jury and she does convene one, the leading Democrat presidential candidate will be brought down. If AG Lynch refuses, she puts Ms. Clinton above the law and creates another scandal.

I am sure that the President finds both alternatives distasteful. But we do create our own monster, don't we? To protect the nation, if the FBI seeks an indictment, it must go forward. We must remain a nation under law or we will not remain a nation.  

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