Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Of Chickens And Roosts

Ah, the Republican elite, those powerful elected officials, money men, think tankers, and ward heelers in general, they think that they are in charge. They make the big decisions. They have the positions and the cash. They are the kings and the king makers. They have proven themselves to be very foolish people and their chickens have come home to roost.

They played the Washington game of "go along to get along". Everybody got to dip their beak as they said in the Godfather. Play the game and they all get their share. Don't worry about the little people. They are just peons. Not smart enough to catch on.

You were warned. The real conservatives sent you a message. You didn't even hear it. The Evangelicals joined in. You ignored it. The tea party rose up. You disdained it. You may control the jobs and the money, but they control the votes as you have just learned. Now you are all running around in a state of panic. You created Donald Trump. Now you'd best come to terms and live with it.

The American people are angry. They are fed up with politics as usual. Over the past years those that could have made Republican promises actually happen ceded power to the Democrats rather than stand up for what the electorate believes in and fight. After eight years of Barack Obama tearing this country down for his own purposes with the total aid and assistance of his party Republican candidates should have been screaming for change. The RNC should have supported wide open primaries. But instead they poured huge amounts of money into another Bush and tried to starve out the field.

Is it any wonder that Trump came out of the woodwork and stomped all over the business as usual crowd. It looks, now, like he is unstoppable. This gives the Republican party two choices. They can team up against him and try to force him out. The odds are extreme that that would fail and might destroy the party. Or, they could unite with Trump with support and advice on the political side of things and defeat the true enemy, Hillary Clinton.

A Clinton presidency would be even worse than the Obama years. She would have appointments to the Supreme Court that would severely damage both the first and second amendments. America's place in the world would be diminished further. And the National Debt would soar.

This may be the Republican Party's last chance.


  1. Spot on. The republican party elite have gotten just what they asked for. Thank you for saying it so well.