Saturday, March 5, 2016

Is It Time?

Is it time for a real third party? Not the delusional third party of one man, ala Ross Perot. Not a limited interest third party like the Tea Party. A real national movement third party of people who love America and support the Constitution.

The Republican party has failed. The Democrat party has gone so far left as to be unrecognizable by HST or JFK. American citizens have been left behind by the foolish avarice of power mad politicians who have made Washington their career.

Democrats are far better at the game of politics than Republicans. The Republicans in power recognize this. They give in to the Democrats just to get their slice of the pie. And for this, the rest of us suffer. I left the Republican party years ago because I recognized this on a local level. In my state there is almost no Republican party remaining, and the condition of the state finances and infrastructure show the results of single party rule.

We have a great need in this country for a party that actually represents the best interests of the electorate. Term limits must be a priority, as politicians are like underwear, they should be changed frequently or they start to smell. 

Government has grown too big and unwieldy. It has expanded far beyond the bounds set in the Constitution. Government intrusiveness is harming quality of life. Cut government down to size and taxes can be cut correspondingly.

We need to codify a balanced budget. Those in Washington today, of both parties can do nothing but spend, spend, spend. We must eliminate the National Debt. The Fed must be curbed. Their monetary policies in the past two decades have been more political in nature than should have been. Once again power over country.

As the Republican party is destroying the best chance it has had in years and in doing so, destroying it's own structure, it has brought about a mini-rebellion. This may be the time to create a Constitutional Populist party that would support a new old time government.


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  2. You are right. I have been an independent for all of my voting life (68 years old) and I believe it is time for a third party as well. I am more of a Centrist and don't feel that either party represents me or many people today. Libertarians to me are nothing but Republican lite!
    Although I'm not as conservative as you I look forward to your posts, keep up the good work.

    1. I'm a little older than you, but I still try to fight the good fight. The Constitution is my guide and bible as far as government is concerned. Thank you for your comments. Much more to follow.