Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Generation To Recover

This country is at a low ebb. It will take a generation, but at least we can recover in that three decade period. Some parts of the European Union will take much longer if they can even recover at all.

But first, what must we recover from? Most of it stems from the policies of the Obama administration. Although there is not room here for long explanations, a listing will, at least, provide a starting point. 

We have a huge influx of undocumented (illegal) aliens coming across our southern border. We have no idea who they are. Where they are coming from. What diseases they carry. And in many cases, what their end game is. The administration has unlawfully ordered ICE to "stand down" and allow them entry.

This and previous administrations have eagerly signed and passed foreign trade agreements, arguing that they would be good for American business. They have been just the opposite. The TPP, the most current one, is probably the most harmful yet. But the administration hides the terms of this proposed agreement to the American people.

In spite of claims, the economy is in a shambles. Economic growth is on it's heels. Families have smaller incomes. Fewer people are working. They play with statistics to hide the truth. Manufacturing jobs are bleeding out to foreign lands.

Obamacare is getting more expensive and less functional, but they still extol it as a great advance in medicine. All it is is a great governmental intrusion into our most private lives. Turning this around will take years but it must be done.

Between Obamacare and over regulation the only place American business can turn is to other countries.

Barack Obama wants desperately to close Guantanamo Bay. He gives a reason, but a false reason. If I were a betting man, and I'm not, I would bet a considerable amount of money, maybe as much as ten bucks, that he intends to give, yes give, the base back to Cuba as an appeasement to Fidel Castro. It would not surprise me one bit.

Then we have the disastrous deal with Iran, the saber rattling of North Korea, and the new assertiveness of the Chinese while our military has been weakened in both equipment, discipline, and leadership. It will take two decades alone to rebuild and modernize our military and re-man our officer corps with real talent.

Meanwhile we have lost much of our relationship with our great allies such as Great Britain and Israel while allowing Vladimir Putin to rise as a world leader.

We have all seen how quickly a building can be destroyed and how long it takes to clear out the rubble and build anew. So, also, it is with great countries.

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