Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Peek Over The Edge

Once again I am forced to crawl up to the edge of the abyss and peek over the edge. I refer, of course to the political abyss that lays before us. It is a task that I dislike, but one that I have forced upon myself since 1960, the first year that I voted.

I vote in every presidential election. I believe that it is every citizens duty. In all of that time, I have never voted for a candidate that I actually preferred. I am always required to vote for the one that I find least harmful to the country. A task that continues to get more difficult.

This year they are so far down in the abyss that, I swear, they can see the flames and smell the sulfur. So, once again, I peek over the edge with a brand new, extra high power telescope, and try to find the pick of a very sorry lot. 

My pick wont be a Democrat. No surprise there. The powers that be in the DNC planned on a coronation for the Lyin' Queen. Then a wild eyed socialist jumped in for comic relief and suddenly confusion reigns. Besides which, the FBI may have the last vote here.

I had picked a pair in the Republican party for the one and two slots. I wish I had waited. My VP pick just seemed to get a little smaller each day until he just melted away altogether. My pick for Prez has shown himself to be not as advertised. So I'm just going to hang in and see where the parties bring us.

Politics tends to be a down and dirty game to begin with, but the Trump phenomena has dug that hole layers deeper. If they ever give an award for rudeness, incivility, and braggadocio, Mr. Trump will get the lifetime achievement award.

The difficulty is that "The Donald" may end up being the candidate. It will be made worse if the RNC manipulates the rules and send up a candidate who has already been eliminated or who was never in the race at all. Those that the elites consider the great unwashed masses, will abandon the party forever. The only other legitimate contender is Ted Cruz. 

So, the abyss deepens. The choices get scarier. The world get crazier and more dangerous. So for the most critical election in my lifetime, I will say a prayer, hold my nose, and vote. God bless America. We need the help.

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  1. The lessor of the two evils seems to be the norm and has been for all of my voting life as well. And I too will be placing a cloths pin on my nose to vote.

    It's sad to see this once great country turn out to be just as corrupt as every other country.

    We need a new social/economic paradigm but both conservatives and liberals would never let that happen.

    Too much money is in the hands of too few and that creates the situation we have.

    Remember the gold and power rules:
    He who has the gold, has the power
    He who has the power, makes the rules
    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    I fear for all of us and especially my children and grandchildren's future.