Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Rights of the Right

Those on the left are taking away the rights of the Right. Those on the right side of the political fence, aka conservatives, tend to be traditionalists. They value the old traditions and the old institutions. They are not eager for the latest, hottest, soonest to be forgotten fad. Prime rib is great. Noveau cuisine, not so much. 

So those on the left take advantage of the worlds penchant for political correctness to take free speech away from those that take a more long term view of life and politics. The current frenzy over firearms is a good example. If you enjoy shooting sports, you are a gun "nut". I have spent some enjoyable hours among those that enjoy using firearms, mostly target shooters, but some hunters, and I have never run into a "nut". For the most part they have been quiet, cautious, friendly people that enjoy each others company.

I am against abortion. If you say that around a liberal you become part of the "war on women". Of course, that war was made up by liberals to take conservatives off the playing field. I grew up when abortions were illegal. I am well aware of the back alley abortionists and the havoc they created. There were and are some good reasons for abortion. These should be allowed. Birth control is not a good reason. The fact of the matter is I do not like to see the lives of babies ended before they even have a chance. I believe that those unborn babes have rights too.

I believe in marriage between a man and a woman. I would be called homophobic to destroy any valid argument that I may have. Marriage started out as a religious rite that has been taken over by civil authorities. They may have usurped control of marriage, but I do not feel that they have the right to redefine it. I have no problem with civil unions. Since we have the right to free speech and free thought, those that come together in such a union can call it what ever they wish. With religion comes a certain rigor. That is the strong backbone of faith. Once that fails religion becomes "the Church of Anything Goes".

So when one takes a position of conscience they had best be prepared to defend it loud and long. The opposition are master manipulators of words and of the press that reports those words. And if you should dare become a public figure with these thoughts, be prepared to have your whole life under a microscope and any misstep blown up to front page proportions. Your opposition will not hesitate to bring about your personal destruction for you are their mortal enemy.

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