Saturday, January 5, 2013

Random Thoughts Sixteen

It seems to me that the conservative news organizations are the ones that give the likes of Michael Moore, Bill Maher, Rosie O'Donnell and other unimportant haters the post column space. Maybe we should all just ignore them. It's a thought.

Jobs, jobs, jobs. Four years ago, it was about jobs. Two years ago, it was about jobs. Today, it is about jobs. So what does Obama do about jobs? Nothing except talk. And very little talk at that because if it isn't an exercise in power or a game of golf Obama is not interested. When making a speech, someplace toward the end, after he has extolled  on his very important thoughts and agenda, he will say" and we are making jobs a priority". As I have said, don't listen to his words. Watch what he does. He does nothing to expand jobs. Actually less than nothing.

It is reported that Hillary Clinton has a blood clot between her skull and her brain. I believe that is called a sub-dural hemotoma. If this is so, I wish her well and a speedy recovery. I am sure that, due to the proximity to a scathing report on the Benghazi scandal placing blame on the State Department, some people have doubts. Particularly with the Clinton family penchant for scandal avoidance. I sincerely hope those thoughts are wrong.

It seems that the EPA has once again placed themselves above the law. This time they have even placed themselves above international law. For a number of years they have been performing experiments on American people without their knowledge or permission. They have been exposing people, including those with breathing conditions and the elderly, to various pollutants including chemicals such as chlorine. In International Law, this would be listed as a crime against humanity. This should be investigated immediately and those involved arrested, charged, and brought to trial. Under the Obama administration and AG Holder, I doubt this will happen.

I want to make two recommendations: First I read a column in the Washington Times by Charles Hurt, "Congress doesn't mend it's old ways". This column breaks down what happened in the over the cliff disaster in Congress. 

I love to read. One of my favorite authors is W.E.B. Griffin. His books are meaty, well researched, and give a sense of history that is unusual in fiction. His latest, "Empire and Honor" is a great read. I find it hard to put down.

For the record, I get nothing for any recommendation I might make. This whole blog is a labor of love. 

It is now 2013. It is very cold out. The people that were affected by hurricane Sandy are still tied up in red tape. It appears that FEMA did a better job with Katrina, even though they were called in late, than they are with Sandy even when they were in from the get-go. I guess that is OK with the press since it is Obama's FEMA. Harry Reid said that Sandy was worse than Katrina. I'd check with the people of New Orleans before I took Harry Reid's word.

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  1. This whole blog is a measure of love? No, it's a measure of the hatred you hold for Democrats. Since I'm sure you are a 2nd Amendment freak, I bet you laughed when those children at Sandy Hook were killed. For your info, half of all the mass killings in the US have happened since 2005 when the Assault Weapons Ban expired. Also, your ridiculous sentence about EPA experiments will only make sense if you cite you source(s). And as for Sandy help, it was passed by the Senate. Only the Rethuglicans held it up in the House. You really need to pay attention to something other than Fox News.