Saturday, January 19, 2013

Thank You Barack

I have written before about how I feel that the Obama administration treats seniors with disdain. They cancelled Cost of Living Adjustments, COLAs, for the first two of his first four years even before the cost of living figures were in. The President stated unequivocally that the cost of living hadn't increased. Except that the price of fuel doubled, and food went up at least ten percent, and, of course, the cost of health care rose also. The things that effect seniors budgets most increased in price but no COLA. The President did see fit, however, to increase the pay of well paid government workers.

His third year saw a small increase. But, averaged over the previous three years, it is next to nothing. I know a couple who are both retired and collect social security. This year their total increase, after paying an increase in medicare, (for those that didn't know, medicare is not free) is twenty-nine dollars per month. After a rent increase of eighteen dollars per month they net eleven dollars per month. But well paid  federal employees were going to get another increase until Congress held it up. Mr. Obama, you are not our friend.

It troubles me when I go into a super market and see elderly people standing for hours by the cashier bagging. When you get to a certain point in life, your energy level flags, joints hurt, you lose muscle. You shouldn't be forced to work in retail for next to nothing to survive. That work is for young people just starting out and learning what earning a living is about.

Worse is yet to come for seniors. If my understanding of what I have read and heard about Obamacare is correct, it is going to be aimed at maintaining the health of those that the President sees as the most productive part of society. That would be those from about twenty to about fifty-five. Those outside of that range may get basic care, if there is a doctor available to them, but exceptional care will be harder to come by. A Medical Allocation Committee is to be formed to decide on best practices. These people may not be medical professionals. This will have a stifling effect on new and exotic cures. Price will be an overwhelming factor. Research and development costs money and requires imagination. Generally not the priorities of bureaucratic committees.

Life is not easy for anyone as they get older but for the indigent elderly, that don't have family to support them, it is not going to be good years. The golden years can turn quickly to fools gold.

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