Sunday, January 13, 2013

Congress is No Longer Needed

I have a plan to save a great deal of money in Washington. Probably enough to pay off the National Debt with money left over for presidential vacations. Here it is. Shut down congress. Let them go back to non-government jobs. Fire all the staff and support employees. Sell off the Capitol Building. We should get a pretty penny for that. I know that we would have to pay unemployment to many as they have no marketable skills. What we would save on junkets alone is huge.

How, you ask, could I suggest such a radical move? Simply because they have made themselves expendable. They are non-functional. They are moving from simple nonfeasance 
into malfeasance. What little they do, they do badly. The ideas they bring forth do nothing but harm the Union.

Today Senators Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, and Patty Murray told President Obama to raise the countries credit limit without the consent of Congress and they would support him. It is, of course, the job of Congress to protect the country from presidential excess. It is, most certainly, not their job to cede this power to the President allowing him to function as a despot. Has the President become a snake charmer or the"Pied Piper of Hamlin".

Last week it was suggested that the President order the mint to strike a trillion dollar coin made of platinum. The hue and cry in Congress should have been deafening. Democrats were strangely silent about this suggestion from the "twilight zone". What should have been shouted down in minutes is greeted with a contemplative silence. I do hope that they realize that such a coin would be the end of American credibility on international markets.

Again, today, Vice President Biden announced that he is making progress with his gun control meetings. It is his opinion that the President can do a number of things about firearms on his own using presidential orders. Perhaps he is unaware of the Second Amendment. You know, the Bill of Rights. Part of the Constitution. Once again the silence from Congress was resounding.

Beyond these examples, everything that happens in Congress is completely politicized. Some try to push on, but those that do are shouted down by those that are subservient to the President. Harry Reid is allowing almost nothing onto the Senate floor, for fear that there might be a Republican success story. Gridlock. If we didn't have a President on a spending binge, I'd be OK with a little gridlock. We have to many laws and regulations anyway.

I know that Congress is not going away. But a man can dream! It would be nice if they realized that they are playing political games with our country and got serious about the job they were hired to do. 

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