Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Think I Might Get Mad

The Secret Service has been, probably, the most iconic law enforcement agency in the world. People that hated local law enforcement and made fun of the FBI at least respected the Secret Service. They were the quiet heroes that would sacrifice their own lives for the life of the one they were assigned to protect. They were giants. I'm sure some still are.
Now, unfortunately, they appear to be normal men that make mistakes. Sometimes huge mistakes. Mistakes that cannot be tolerated in that organization. Perfection is the standard and the norm. As it should be. The American people deserve nothing less as they give these people the privilege of protecting their president. The Secret Service has free access to the White House, Air Force One, Camp David, and any other place the first family may go.
In the face of this fall from glory our president announces, publicly, the he will be mad if these allegations are proven true. You mean that he's not raging angry right from the get-go. I know that I would be. I would have the head of the Secret Service braced in front of my desk immediately. Cut him a new one. And, finally give, him thirty days to get a complete list of those agents involved, transfer them out of the service, and put his house in order. If it isn't done in thirty days he would be replaced on the thirty-first day.

I would not fire the agents involved. The taxpayers have too much invested in their training. I am sure that another agency such as the DEA or the Border Patrol could use their skills in some setting where no agent wants to go. I'm thinking the northern Minnesota border. I'm sure that their bad behavior will ruin some marriages, even ruin some lives. They have lost the right, forever, to serve as the best of the best.

It is great to go around acting like "Joe Cool". But when the people that are entrusted with the lives of the president, the first lady, and the first daughters screw up this brazenly it speaks of a systemic problem. The most powerful man in the world should not have to make a time to plan to be angry, maybe. He should be man enough  to go straight to over the top pissed.


  1. I was just thinking that the the SS behavior is an indication of how far down our country has gone. I don't care if it's Obama, Romney, or me who's president, POTUS and family must have only the best of the best to protect them, and thus, the U.S. Yes, the President should be pissed and probably is. But what good does it do to proclaim it to the nation before all the facts are in. You know, "innocent until proven guilty"? I'm sure that inside, the President is furious, maybe even scared, at the thought of what might have happened. I know I am. But why do you have to always turn everything around so it ends up Obama is at fault? Oh, right. That's a Republican's job. I forgot.

    Pat Heldman

    1. First: They are not under arrest. There is no court involved. This is simple malfeasence. The facts are the facts, witnesses have spoken. No innocent until proven gulty.
      Second: Obama is president. And has been for three years. It happened on his watch. Time to put on his big boy pants and take some responsibility.
      Third: I am not a Republican. I was at one time and am no longer. I am a Constitutional Conservative. I will go after anyone that offends me.

    2. I see you deleted my reply. Too bad you are playing censor. Isn't the idea to answer you and agree or disagree? You gave a set of rules at the beginning which you don't follow, so why should someone who replies. If what you want are "yes men", then don't invite replies.

    3. I am on my blog page with comments right now. Your comment posted April 17 at 10:51 is still on. If you can't find it I'm sorry. Not my fault. You might want to check before making accusations. If I say something I mean it and do it.

    4. Of course I checked--several times--but still can't find it. That's okay. Must be my computer. Sorry I "snapped" at you.