Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Pols Are Winning, We Are Losing

I do not know when, in the history of this great country, the citizenry gave up the power that the Constitution gave to them and decided that they wish to be ruled by a bunch of power hungry partisans. Maybe it wasn't a point in time. Maybe it was a gradual transition. Happenings like this so frequently are. Like the proverbial camel that stuck its nose into the tent. Then suddenly you find that the camel owns the tent and your on the outside.

As some of you know, I have been around a while. I was in school during WW II. So I can compare my memories of the "good old days" with life today. I will tell you this. We were freer then than we are today. Government on every level is more intrusive than it has ever been. They have stacked the deck against us and we are hard put to fight back as individuals. If the city wants the property that you own, they will take it by eminent domain and they will interpret that law however they see fit. If you fight they will bankrupt you with lawyers fees and fines. If the EPA decides that little puddle that occurs on your land during spring thaw makes it a "wetland", you will be forbidden to use it with no recompense. If you raise your voice in a airport, some low level employee will tase you, put you in irons, and strip search you. Even if you are an eighty year old grandma in a wheelchair.

I saw a news article this morning that points out the wrong headedness of politicians. It is virtually illegal for an honest citizen of Chicago to own a firearm and keep it in their home. The article stated that there have been more Americans killed, so far this year, by gunfire in Chicago than in Afghanistan. The criminals and gangsters don't care about the law so they have guns. If you are an honest citizen you cannot even defend your own home. By the way, the politicians exempt themselves from these laws.

Those are not exaggerations. I have read news stories that exemplify all of those and more. To a great extent this is the fault of the electorate. We continue to keep the same politicians in power election after election. In many cases the same party has held power in a city or a state for generations. We create our own monsters. I have noticed that the "Tea Party" rallies that I see on the TV are largely made up of more mature (it's politically incorrect to say old) folks. Maybe this is because they, as I, can remember the freedoms of the past and want their grand kids to have the same freedoms. There is an old saying that the best government is the least government. If your wish is to keep your country, you'd best start sending out that message. Right now, we are losing. We are losing badly.

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  1. Citizens gave up the power because they have the right to assume those they elect will work for them, rather than cater to their own interests with a "damn the constituents" attitude. Fortunately, the people are finally starting to pay attention. I just hope it isn't too late.

    Eminent Domain is part of the 5th Amendment and, yes, compensation must be made. Do you have an example where no recompense was offered?

    Strip search? Well the right-leaning Supreme Court just took care of that, didn't they?

    Guns? Several states have recently dealt with that. Frankly, the idea that everyone I pass on the street might have a gun hidden on their person causes me to believe we aren't far from anarchy. The Stand Your Ground law is a perfect example. Me? I think I'll get a bow and arrows. Quieter than guns.

    Americans are, by and large, stupid. That's why they keep electing the same idiots over and over.

    As for your thoughts on the Tea Party Agenda, politeness causes me to offer no response.