Tuesday, April 24, 2012

If You Aren't Paranoid, Maybe You Just Don't Understand

The title is an attempt at humor. That is the last humor that will be included in this little essay.

At least since the presidency of George H. W. Bush. the politicians of this country have been profligate with your money. They are and have been completely out of control. Most of those that haven't been part of the spending have been enablers. They have put the country in serious danger. I sometimes think no one is paying attention. Certainly not the press. The government famously produces figures that are published in the news showing that things are improving. We are in a recovery, albeit a slow recovery. Do not believe it. They are cooking the books.

There is an old saying that "figures don't lie, but liars can figure". That, you can and must believe. That is what is happening now. They constantly change the basis of how various guidelines are figured. For example; if you want to figure the "cost of living" and the price of fuel has doubled, you just leave that out of your calculations as it is an obvious aberration it need not be included. However, that "aberration" comes out of your weekly budget. The number of people applying for unemployment goes down and every one is overjoyed. They can't get the news out fast enough. However, the number of people that have run out their unemployment and are not now seeking employment is increasing. They are dropped out of the unemployment calculation. We actually have fewer people employed than we did four years ago. Many of those that are employed are under employed. That is seldom mentioned.

The politicians think that it is their money and that they, being a privileged elite group, may spend it as they see fit. The GSA funds big parties for their employees on our dime. The Secretary of Defense jets back and forth to the west coast on a government jet for weekends because he chooses not to live in Washington. The first family are all over the world on vacations that most of us will never see the like of even once in our life time. Green companies are given government guaranteed loans just in time for their bankruptcy hearings. Waste, waste, waste.

For the most part, politicians love Keynesian economics. The idea that Keynes put forth that they love is that governments must go into deficit spending because that is how economies grow. This gives them license to tax and spend to their hearts content. A corollary for your personal economy would be to go deeper in debt every month and your family will do well financially. Brilliant idea is it not? If you are not familiar with John Maynard Keynes please do some research. You will find it most interesting. He had a premise that the educated elite (he was one of course) should make all public policy decision without input from the uneducated rabble. These decisions were to be made on pure logic without any interference from moral influence. Right or wrong did not exist in his purely logical world. He refered to his group of thinkers as the "Immoralists". Throughout his life he adhered to this doctrine without question.

We, the people, must take hold of our country. We must vote to change the direction that the country is heading. We are at the edge of an abyss. I do not exaggerate. Send home the politicians and elect some statesmen. Just remember when good people run for national office the politicians will try to destroy them. Don't believe everything that you see and hear in a campaign. Do your own research. Use multiple news sources. Find the good people and support them. Please.

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