Thursday, April 19, 2012

Government As A Religious Experience

This paragraph is not part of my original blog. That starts with the next paragraph. But the news is the news. Have to deal with it. I read a news article recently that referred to Ted Nugent as "an old rocker well past his sell date". A little harsh, perhaps. But, well.... I've never been a fan. Actually never paid much attention. Could that be the problem? Not enough attention. Lately in his new career as a political activist he seems perfectly willing to quench every fire with gasoline. Ted, SHUT UP! Conservatives have a shot at the White House. Not a perfect shot, but a good shot. The childish and asinine rhetoric that Mr. Nugent just blathered is not helpful. Please, if anyone wants to speak in a conservative manner regarding political issues let it be in a thoughtful and intelligent way. We can do it team. Let's win one for the gipper!!!!

The price of fuel has doubled. It matters not. Food is up at least ten percent. It matters not. The value of the dollar is down. It matters not. As a country we owe more than our Gross Domestic Product. It matters not. Government agencies are spending and regulating out of control. It matters not. Congress has not produced a budget in three years. Obama-care is slated to take over one sixth of the economy. None of this matters a whit.
It doesn't matter because we are a better country. We, as a country, have had a profound religious transformation. We have been led "out of the darkness and into the light". How do I know this? The First Lady of the United States has told me so. And what great religious leader has single-handedly produced this transformation. Why the President of the United States, of course. Who else would be able to raise this country that was so mired in the muck to a greater level of joy and enlightenment.
Some may think that I'm being cynical and sarcastic here. Well, OK, maybe you're right.But,  I see a country that has serious problems. One of those problems is that there don't seem to be any serious people in the upper levels of government that are willing to join hands and get us back on track. This administration has pitted poor against rich, old against young, black against white. We may be on the road to perdition but we don't need a would be demi-god in the White House to turn us around. We need a bunch of experienced, serious, adults that are willing to put the country first. This group must be led by a spokesperson with a vision of America that is our vision of America. To be brief, big changes are needed.


  1. Nearly every conceivable and practical solution to today's problems have their own repercussions. It's not as if people in our government haven't thought of solutions to something like our large national debt, but what cuts do you expect them to make? There's no perfect solution; every option truly is a catch 22. By the way, this really had nothing to do with religion.

  2. The phrase "being led out of the dark and into the light" has religious connotations. It is an action that be suggestive of a Massiah. There are and never have been any Massiahs in politics.

    That said, the one solution that they haven't tried is to not spend as much. Cut back on all spending programs that aren't necessary. Reduce the scope of government. It has gotten way to big anyway. I think means testing on medicare and social security is necessary. They must rid them selves of the attitude that any small savings (1 or 2 billion) isn't worth it. Put them all together they will start to add up. Put together a honest budget and live within it.

  3. Yes, I understand the meaning of the phrase. I meant to imply that this blog doesn't relate much to religion aside from the sentence in question and its context. If you saw the recent State of the Union address, which I'm sure you did, it was clear that Obama had a plan to cut smaller things to try and relieve some debt. The only way that we would be able to remove a large portion of our national debt all at once would be to start producing more and importing less. Currently, the U.S. is the driving force in China's economy. We import trillions of dollars worth of goods each year from China, some of which we cannot pay for. We actually owe over 1.16 trillion dollars to China right now. Buy less from China, and theoretically, we begin to reduce national debt. It's not necessarily that black and white, but you get the idea.

  4. Correct on your first thought. That is what is called a grabber. It attracts attention to the subject at hand. Obama speaks of plans that he never implements. There were no cut backs. In fact, there was additional spending. You are absolutly correct when you say that the US is a driving force in China's economy. But as a nation we never use this leverage to our own benefit. China charges us a tax on imports but we let them market in this country for free. Listen to what Donald Trump has to say about doing business with China. He knows whereof he speaks.