Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Paucity Of Our Present President

If anyone had any doubts of the paucity of class, reality, and an understanding of the American people, that afflicts our President, yesterday's speech should have blown away the fog. The President seems to be lacking in empathy. As I remember it, the evening of the Fort Hood attack, Mr. Obama gave a speech in which he started out with "shout outs" before even mentioning the brave American service people that were killed by an embedded jihadi on that terrible day. Once again, yesterday, he spoke giving mention of the tragedy ongoing at the Washington Naval Yard, and immediately passing into a political diatribe.

As the President of the United States and the Commander in Chief of the military, the focus of his speech should have been yesterdays shootings. He should have updated the American people with all he knew of the situation and the circumstances surrounding it. He should have been one of us, with the same doubts and fears that we all shared. Then he should have offered comforting words. He needed to try to tamp down the trepidations that afflict a people in the face of such horrendous actions. Mr. Obama would have seemed to be a statesman. Instead, he just proved himself to be no more than a politician.

When the President went into his self promoting discussion of the state of the economy, he went deeply into the realm of delusion. While anchoring the basis for our economic problems firmly with our last President, who has been out of office nearly five years, he described the present in idyllic terms that bore no resemblance to the daily reality that we all face. Listening to this, while knowing what was occurring in the real world, was borderline nauseating. 

Then to top off his efforts, he ripped the Republicans in the most vile terms. He is supposed to be the President for all Americans. Republicans are Americans too. They are loyal and thoughtful Americans that happen to disagree with  President Obama's policies. They are his opposition, not his mortal enemies. Mr. Obama does not have the temperance in him to deal with opposition in a reasonable manner. His words and deeds go over the top. The American people do not appreciate this kind of behavior. He may have been appealing to his most rabid partisan supporters. But was yesterday the appropriate day for that? That describes the paucity of our President.

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