Friday, September 13, 2013

Random Thoughts - Twenty Four

I have written in previous blogs, that wind farms kill hawks and eagles. They are protected under federal law and killing them is a crime. Even if it is accidental. You or I would face huge fines or possible imprisonment for killing only one of these magnificent birds. It is the law. That is, it is the law unless President Obama thinks what you are doing is important. Then he decides that you don't have to obey the same laws that limit everyone else's behavior. In doing this the President also is breaking the law. He doesn't get to decide. Well here's the kicker. Wind farms have killed at least 85 eagles in recent years. Those death dealing blades should be stopped today. You can't drill oil some place in Texas because some semi-rare newt lives there, but you can kill eagles with wind farms. That is just wrong.

I thought we had the smartest President ever in the White House. So how did he get so completely hornswaggled by an ex KGB thug. There goes that spot on Mount Rushmore.

Why does the Federal Consumer Protection Bureau need to collect data on 80% of all domestic credit card purchases? Does the government even have a right to know what you are buying and where you are buying it? Did they nullify the Fourth Amendment when I wasn't paying attention. So the government is monitoring your phone calls, your email, your credit card purchases, your paycheck, and your air travel. They want to put black boxes in your car. With Obamacare, they will have your medical records. This may be Obama's America, but it certainly isn't mine.

I dearly wish I were thirty years younger and had a Harley on 9/11. I wish I could have been part of that. Thanks and congratulations to those that did turn out. I hope the government saw and understood just how quickly real Americans can mobilize when they have a unifying cause.

So now the Senate wants to decide who is a journalist. Please. That's like letting a wolf decide who's a sheep. The first qualification will be, no tough questions for Senators.

Let me see if I understand. For fifteen years global temperatures stabilized. The past few years we have experienced global cooling. The arctic ice pack has grown by 60%. Some climatologists are back to predicting the global cooling that they were predicting twenty years ago. That would make the few years of warming an aberration. But the smartest President ever is still selling global warming. Do you think that there is an agenda here?

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  1. Thirty years younger? Hell, some of my pals rode there, and some of them are in their early 70s.