Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hillary vs. Michelle

Hillary wants to be President. I believe she has wanted this since her college days. There is no question that Hillary is one of the most political people in the country. Even more so than Bill. But Hillary let her ambition overcome her good sense. Hillary was a United States Senator. That is, probably, the greatest job in the world. She had to become a carpet-bagger to get there, but get there she did. She could have held that job as long as she wanted. It is a Democrat sinecure. Her's was the seat originally held by Daniel Patrick Moynihan. It will probably be Democrat until the Earth crumbles.

But a trap was set by her nemesis, Barack Obama. He beat Hillary as the Democrat candidate for President. Surprising with his thin portfolio, but true. Who can understand liberals? Obama then beat an inept John McCain. He then asked Hillary to be his Secretary of State. Foolishly she accepted. A wise person does not put themselves under the control of a political enemy. Then the game of "Where's Waldo?" became the game of "Where's Hillary?". Much of the time she was bouncing around the dark continent accomplishing little or nothing. Some of the time she was trying to bail the State Department out of missteps such as Benghazi. Just about all of the time she was looking confused and unable to get the job done.

Hillary started into the her presidential campaign toting a lot of old baggage. To her credit she still put up a decent fight. But she came off as more middle of the left lane than did the even more liberal Obama. With the ultra liberal press seeing one of their own and an African American to boot, Hillary had no chance. The same media that sold her husband to the American public, sold her down the river.

So Hillary bailed and jumped into the rubber chicken circuit. Make some speeches. Write some editorials or maybe even a book and resurrect the old reputation. Have things all patched up for the 2016 go around. But that is not going so well. Rumors, gossip, and innuendo abound. It will not get better. There is a power structure out there and it does not belong to Hillary.

We must give honorable mention to V.P. Joe Biden. Daffy old Uncle Joe. Always good for a malapropism to get the room chuckling. He wants to be President too. I suspect that he has an equal chance with your Cranky Conservative. Which is to say, none at all.

So, you ask, where is this all going? There is one person that I mentioned as a possibility about a year ago. She did say recently that in spite of her ten million dollar vacations, a mansion, and serving staff all over the place, she felt like a prisoner in the White House. I'll bet she wouldn't feel that way if she was the big dog, so to speak. They have the money. Don't forget, Barack never stopped fund raising. They have the organization. They kept it together even after the last election. There was a reason for that. They have the power. Everybody on wall street owes them. So in a battle between Hillary and Michelle, my money's on Michelle.  

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