Thursday, September 26, 2013

Random Thoughts - Twenty-five

Note to Republicans: You can't win if you don't fight. Think, Horatio at the bridge. If you are willing to stand on principle in the face of overwhelming odds, people respect and admire your courage. Man up. Mr. Cruz did good.

Obama says that the world is more stable than it was five years ago. There are just oh so many things that are better than five years ago. But only in Obama's mind where he is a living legend. Not so much to the people that can barely feed their families and are seeing their health care costs go out of sight.

I cannot understand it, Islamists are terrorizing and killing around the world at an accelerating rate and the media, for the most part, acts like these terrorists are bands of roving delinquents without a common core. In under reporting, the press is showing an irrational lack of courage.

I see where John Kerry is expected to sign the UN Arms Pact. This is a bad step that I am sure is supported by the President. I doubt that it will pass the Senate, but you might want to give your Senator a heads up on your feelings.

If your short of toilet paper, don't go to Venezuela looking for any. They are out. See what happens when socialists are in charge. At least in the old days they could leave the Sears Catalog in the outhouse. Just in case.

I see where the IRS' chief criminal, Lois Lerner, has retired on your dime. She should be retiring to a federal prison with no dime.

Does our President really believe that the new Iranian President is going to behave any different than the old one. They will talk. They will dissemble. They will stall. But they will continue to do what they please without regard to anyone's opinion. Here's a suggestion to Mr. Obama. Look up the word taqiyya. Although I suspect he already is well familiar with it's meaning.

For all that I can see, Obama has put the whole health care system into a state of turmoil while accomplishing nothing positive. Hospitals, already understaffed, are laying off more people. Older doctors are retiring early while fewer young doctors are coming into the system. Prosthesis manufacturers are leaving the country. Insurance costs are going up. The government is playing favorites with subsidies. And, ultimately, we are still going to end up with around thirty million uninsured. But, hey, we did get one thing new out of this. Death panels.

Now for the plunge. World Series. Red Sox in six. You heard it here first. But if I should be wrong, please forget where you heard it. 

Just heard some new figures. Maybe we should stop calling it Obamacare and call it the Unaffordable Healthcare Act!

So the new Iranian President, Rouhani, does not have time for a meet and greet with the President of the United States, but he had no problem finding time for lunch with Louis Farrakhan. Now that is an insult.

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