Thursday, September 12, 2013

An Open Letter To Vladimir Putin

Dear Mr. Putin;

I read your editorial printed in the New York Times with great interest. I applaud your effort reaching out to our President. It has seemed to many of us lately that you and Mr. Obama were enjoying a bit of friction between you. But I do have some comments on some of the points that you made.

Americans are, in fact, an exceptional people. We work hard for ourselves, for our families, and for our country. We are independent, self reliant, and innovative. We are not deterred by hardship and we persevere when others, many times, would say "enough". We do not and will not understand limits. We are free to speak and do as we please within the constraints of our laws. But it is we the citizens that decide what those constraints will be. An American is beholden to no one.

You are correct, Mr Putin, we did stand as allies in World War Two. Together we fought and defeated one of the greatest evils ever known on this planet. But never forget it was the support and the goods that were supplied by the people of the United States that allowed Russia to beat the German war machine back from the gates of Moscow.

As to the United Nations. You say that you do not want it to go the way of the League of Nations. But it has become a toothless giant. Very little is accomplished because there is a lack of cooperation and communication among the major powers. By that I mean America, China, and Russia. Each power has it's own sphere of influence. If the leaders of those three nations exerted a more stabilizing influence on all of their client countries the United Nations could be more successful.

I will tell you that, even as I love my country, I too am tired of spending billions of dollars and shedding the blood of our young men and women on foreign excursions that have little or nothing to do with America's interests. Just because we can doesn't mean that we should.

As I close, I wish to tell you a little about myself so you will understand who is communicating with you should you actually read this. I am a retired electrical engineer. I remember all the wars and killing back through World War Two. I have been around long enough to have some strong opinions. One is, that I hate war. But to move on, as I don't get around so well anymore, I started writing a blog. I write about politics and economics primarily. I am, what is referred to in this country, as a political conservative. But as an American, I write what I choose about whomever I choose. That is up to and including the President of the United States. But I fear no knock on my door in the dark hours of the morning, because I live in America and I am and always will be free.

Sincerely, Robert Owen aka The Cranky Conservative

ps: The second largest audience for my blog after my American readers is Russian.

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