Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Random Thoughts - Ten

I have read a lot of what I consider rash statements about American companies shipping jobs overseas. When a company opens a branch, lets say in Ireland, to manufacture their product and sell it in Europe, that is not shipping jobs abroad. That is expanding your business into European marketplaces. No jobs are being taken away from the US. Usually an expansion of this type will involve new American jobs to support for the new European business. Also, profits made in Europe are coming back to an American company. This is good business for the company and great business for our country.

I just found out how Obama's going to deal with the $716 billion that he took from Medicare. He's increased the Medicare co-payments by 33%. So once again he proves that his plan was ill conceived and designed to hurt the elderly with the collusion of AARP.

Has anyone noticed that the price of gasoline has more than doubled since Obama took office?

We are truly fortunate. The cost of food has only risen by about 30%.

There is so much happening so fast that I may use more of these "Random Thoughts" to try to keep up.

The Republican candidates have to hit it out of the park at the debates. Right now they are drowning.

Let me see, according to the administration, Benghazi wasn't planned. It was an exercise in pure spontaneity. So, answer me this, how do you get a throng, ready to riot, AK-47s, grenade launchers, and American flags to burn together in Benghazi in fifteen minutes? That kind of spontaneity takes a lot of planning.

Has it become a "right of passage" for royals to get naked when there are cameras in the area?

So now it comes out that AG Holder is using Media Matters, a public advocacy group to spin bad news about him and his department. Is Media Matters a non-profit? This has got to be illegal. If it's not it's immoral.

Not really surprising but when Romney talks about the forty-seven percent of the population that doesn't pay taxes and tend to be more reliant on government programs, it creates a firestorm in the press. When Obama whispers to Medvednev to ask Putin to give Obama a little more time because after he's re-elected he can be more flexible. The press never even asks, "More flexible to do what?".

The United States, Great Britain, et alia put an armada of warships off the coast of Iran at this point in the history of the middle east and the press hardly blinks. They have all lost their minds? Have they forgotten the premise of being in the press in the first place? What is the point in freedom of the press if the press does not want to be free?

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