Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Random Thoughts - Nine

Always remember 9-11.
Never believe we are no longer a target.

I wrote the above before 9-11. Then on 9-11 soverign American soil gets attacked again and the State Department immediatly appologizes because we have freedom of speech and do not censor what people say or write or what movies they make. Not only that, we continue to give these people taxpayer money as foreign aid. This country is out of control and Obama smiles and looks the other way.

Thinking back on the George W. Bush administration, it occurs to me that many weekends were spent either at Camp David or the Texas ranch with dignitaries from other countries. The relationships built and the understanding achieved is like nothing I have seen since.

Seeing Bill Clinton at the Democratic convention reminds me of guys that you knew in  college. They bragged, they lied, they exaggerated, but they were so much fun you still hung out with them. And, Dear God in Heaven, could they get the girls.

Thankfully, the pro football season is starting. I have sworn off the Red Sox for the duration. I don't watch pre-season games. So I am in dire need of a sports fix. Go Patriots!

Well the Democrat convention is over. There were so many race cards played that I was able to keep a full deck. But when I turned them over, they were nothing but a bunch of jokers. Isn't that wild!             I'm sorry. I won't do that again.

Not for nothing but I sure hope Joe Biden and Debbie Wasserman Schultz stay out there on the campaign trail. Campaigners like that can have a real effect on that independent vote, if you get my drift.

The new energy source that we have all been waiting for appears to be just around the corner. We just don't know how far down the road that corner is. And unless you read some pretty weird stuff, as I do, you have never heard of it. Solar and wind are just cover ups. I have noticed some incongruities in the news of late and along with some stuff I've read things may be happening. I hope so. In all honesty, I may be adding two and two and getting twenty-two.

"Hopeless Change" is here again. New job figures. I'm giving you the only one that counts. Thirty six percent of people able to work cannot find jobs. I repeat, one third of all American workers that want to work, cannot find work. Any work. That is the worst employment record in thirty years. And that is a crying shame.

Sure the stock market is up! Companies sales are down but they are profitable because they have laid off workers and closed plants. They have plenty of cash but they are sitting on it because they are afraid to invest in an uncertain future. In short, the stock market isn't the economy. People are the economy.

I just read an article on reviving the gold standard. As it is a subject that I know little about, I would like to see more rational discussion by knowledgable people. It sounds interesting and may be what we need.

Did you hear, they were passing out "Journalists for Obama" tee shirts to the press at the Democratic convention. Oh, and AG Holder is now suing pollsters that don't show Obama in a good light. When did we become a totalitarian country?

Hillary signed the United Nations Arms Accord. This has to go before the Senate to be ratified. If they ratify it, gun owners in this country could have problems. I don't think they could over-rule the Second Amendment, but they might try. A lot of chaos could ensue before it gets to the Supreme Court. If ,at that point, you have a liberal court, we may lose our individual protection.

And people wonder why I'm Cranky.

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