Friday, September 21, 2012

?? President Michelle??

Maybe this is a reach. OK, so no maybe, it is a reach. But in my mind's eye I see bumper stickers that say "Michelle for President in 2016". Barack Obama sees himself as the only possible winner in 2012. With his oversize ego and trapped inside his bubble of sycophants, Romney is but a minor annoyance and a good excuse to travel the country and hang with the beautiful people that he so loves. In his thoughts there is no alternative to winning. I have written in another post what could happen if "his hopes are dashed on the rock of despair".

Since he cannot legally run in 2016 if he should win in 2012 another Democrat candidate must be found. The obvious front runner is Hillary Clinton. Most of the other power brokers or familiar names in the Democrat party are either reprobates or seem to be whack jobs or a little of both. Reid, Pelosi, Biden and Wasserman-Schultz for example. Obama doesn't want to hear the footsteps of any bright, attractive, young candidates sneaking up behind him.

Lately Hillary has been showing up in strange places, putting forth odd explanations for untenable situations, and looking stressed to the breaking point. I do not think this is accidental and I don't think this is of her own volition. If Obama is given four more years he can use that time to control the situation. And control it he and his minions will. That will leave Hillary with three options after the 2012 election. She can stay on as Secretary of State and accept what ever terms and difficult assignments given her. These will not be designed for her glorification, believe me. She can resign and try to keep herself in front of the camera in a meaningful way. Difficult but not impossible. Or she can retire from public life and write books. Were it I, I would pick door number three. She could actually have a peaceful, meaningful life and make a ton of money.

So the, who in 2016? Michelle started out getting bad publicity with the fancy vacations at taxpayer expense towing an entourage behind her. I have noticed that that has abated of late. With the help of an over co-operative press, she has been getting good publicity with fewer barbs accompanying it. And they would have four more years to build her image. I would put her on a plane to meet with some of the female heads of state to build up her international credentials and keep the Secretary of State in lesser known climes.

Add a more business like wardrobe. A few trips around the country to meet with friendly governors, maybe a junket with a congressional delegation and suddenly she would look presidential.

As I have stated before, I love to pick up on little bits and pieces and speculate on outcomes. I wouldn't bet serious money on my speculations but it is fun to do. I hope it makes interesting and entertaining reading and makes readers come back for more .


  1. Just passing through and saw your post. Gotta laugh or cry. Before ANYONE talks up 2016 aspirations for Michelle some "vetting" should be done:

    * ITEM: Failed Ill. Bar Exam -- one with higest pass rates in country.
    * ITEM: Resigned from bar with PENDING ETHICS CHARGES AGAINST HER. The records have been sealed (are we suprised), but some "" sites have judicial reports which are damning

    See, e.g: {you gotta really turn up the font size to read it, but the Illinois "Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission" THIS IS OFFICIAL, DISPOSITIVE, CONTROLLING, says:
    "court ordered inactive status".

    Anyone who wants to advance Michelle's advancement from FLOTUS to POTUS better understand--"we won't be fooled again."

  2. Barry can't legally run? Not so fast there pardner.
    We found out from the birth certificate suits that no one has standing to enforce the constitution. Seems that would include the 22nd Amendment.

    If he wins in Nov. watch for them to put him up for a third term.

    Who's going to stop them?