Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Beat Goes On

First, I hope everyone had a great Christmas. We were able to spend time with family and that is always a joy.

I know the Vacationer in Chief had a fine holiday on the golf courses of Hawaii. I understand he kept mumbling John Boehner's name under his breathe and chuckling. You know that the country is going broke but our less than humble president still felt compelled to give him and his family a really special Christmas vacation. I understand that the flight there on Air Force One cost 1.8 million dollars alone. And, of course, when he travels wherever he stays must have security upgrades. That doesn't come cheap.

Of course we'll be going over the fiscal cliff soon. Obama wants it and he's going to make it happen. That will give him a good influx of spending money as well as an opportunity to humiliate the Republicans by castigating them in his State of the Union speech. It has always been the purpose of the State of the Union speech to give the president the chance to tell the nation the good thing that are happening in the country and a chance to examine the bad things. Now, it seems that the State of the Union speech is to be used as a club to bash those that the president sees as enemies. It also seems to be an exercise to see how many times the words "I" and "me" can be used in one speech. He can't help it, his ego makes him do it.

One more reason that it is a good thing that Obama will get all that extra money is that he is putting American troops in 35 African countries. This has been going on for some time at a much smaller scale. You probably haven't heard about because the press happened to be looking the other way when it happened and it just snuck right by them. It has always bothered me when people referred to the US as an imperialist nation because we have never been one. Could it be that Barack wants to change that. The experts say we can no longer afford to fight a war on two fronts but we are spreading our military all over Africa. Just doesn't seem right to me. 

Some people have said that Barack Obama is a socialist. He denies this. I am willing to accept his denial. But he cannot deny that he is a big government liberal. Although he believes that private capitol should own businesses, he also believes that government has the right and privilege to order and control business. Government must regulate, examine, and reorder business as it sees the needs of the country. There is a name for this philosophy. Because of the approbation entailed in this philosophy it will remain unnamed by me. Do your own research. But all in all it does not arbor well for this country's immediate future.

This is my last blog of the year. To those that come back to my blog and think my meager effort worthwhile, thank you. Your support is beyond gold to me. I wish you one and all a joyous and happy new year. But be prepared. The future will not be easy. God bless you all!!!!!

Your friend and (I hope) mentor,

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