Friday, December 7, 2012

Aliens Welcome

The politicians haven't told you yet, but the welcome mat is out at the United States borders. An alien amnesty is coming. It is unavoidable. The American public is being sold on this very slowly. But the dirty little secret is that every politician in Washington in the back of their mind know it is inevitable. Most of them want it to happen.

Let me explain. As with everything that politicians get their grubby little fingers into, it is about money. They have messed up the national economy so badly that Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are going broke. Over the years the politicians have borrowed (stolen) the money earmarked for these programs and spent it on other pet pork projects. Now we're running out. Years ago there were seven or eight people working to support each Social Security recipient. Now we are down to one or two. This, of course, is untenable.

We need more workers out there bringing money into the government coffers. At least those spending dervishes in Washington think we do, because they cannot find a program that can be cut. Correction, they do not want to find a program that can be cut. There are two ways to get more workers. The most obvious is not working as the birth rate is way down. Now if you good loyal citizens want to get out there and make the effort, in about twenty years we will increase the work force. The only other way to make new American workers is immigration. With an amnesty program there will be a huge immediate influx. The Democrats are particularly for this as these alien imports tend to vote Democrat. So now you see the handwriting on the wall.

There is one small problem. Right now we don't have enough jobs. This gives the politicians more time to seal the deal with the public. Well, there is one other small problem. With the way the administration is handling the economy things are not about to improve. Since the election there has been an increase in layoffs. This is not widely publicized in the media, but if you look, the information is out there. If the country goes over the tax cliff, and I think it will, this will get even worse. The president wants this to happen. If you look closely at the way the negotiations, if you can call them that, have been structured, it is obvious.

The policies in place now are going to take most of a generation to repair. There will also have to be some good honest statesmanship in Washington. Are there any real statesmen out there? Not too many, if any. So if they should, prematurely, offer amnesty, it will only exacerbate what is already a mountainous problem. Also, a great deal depends on what  happens in 2016. There are all ready some ripples in the water, but not enough to see any picture yet. But I'm already studying on it. Stay tuned. More to follow.

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