Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Random Thoughts - Fifteen

Wouldn't you love to know how many hours of flight time President Obama has put on Air Force One, compared to other presidents? I mean, when do  they have time to wash and wax it?

Benghazi update. Amazingly enough, it is now coming out that the administration knew that there was a strong Al Queda base working in Libya. We have to stay after this.

Speaking of administration scandals, what is going on with "Fast and Furious"? Is that being dropped?

Speaking of administration scandals, has anyone heard anything about Solyndra lately?

Did you hear where Jeffry Immelt, chairman of GE and chairman of the administration's Jobs Council, says communism works just fine in China? Gee, I thought that things were going pretty terrible in China under communism until they adopted some capitalism. I'm sure this is going to be good news to the survivors of Tienanmen Square and those that are forced to work in sweatshops. Those GE light bulbs that used to be made in the US are now made in China. Think there's a link there?

The President wishes to thank those who have stopped looking for work so that they are no longer counted in the unemployment figures. You are making unemployment figures go down and making the President look good.

I hope everyone is prepared to go over the "financial cliff". Because that is where we are headed at a high rate of speed. The Republican night crawler club (no spine and suitable for fish bait) think if they give Obama the keys to the kingdom they can stop it. I doubt it. If the tax rates go up across the board, Obama gets a big influx of spending money. It also gives him a chance to put the blame on those terrible intransigent Republicans. A double win. I don't think he can walk away from that.

Does anyone really believe that Obama intends to reduce spending?

Hey, it's my blog. So I can say this. How about them Patriots!!!!! My sympathy to any readers from Texas.

I know that I can get a bit cranky. I'm old and I'm a conservative, so I'm obliged to be cantankerous, but the level of incivility in American society today is jaw-dropping. All rules have been thrown away. Nasty is the new operational behavior. People, watch yourselves out there. I really mean this. Especially in the cities. Take a position of "situational  awareness". If you don't know what that means, it is to be aware at all times who is around you. Do they look threatening? Is their behavior odd? Check all around you. When you're on the street don't be lost in your cell phone or I-Pod. If you think this advice is unnecessary, ask a cop.

If the Mayans were right, civilization has only ten more days. I might as well hold off on that Christmas shopping.

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