Friday, July 27, 2012

Random Thoughts the Sixth

It strikes me as very wrong when a long time Senator like Dianne Feinstein can't speak openly and frankly when her own party's president or people in his direct control do something wrong. A politician of her stature and senority should not have to endure the embarrassment of the presidential wood shed for speaking her honest opinion.

I was born as the country was coming out of the great depression and heading into WWII. I can honestly say, despite of any political spin that one might hear, that this is the worst and longest recession I have seen. It needn't have been.

Happiness is never seeing another commercial starring Peyton Manning.

When did success become evil?

Thinking back, FDR was rich. JFK was rich. LBJ was rich. Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan were pretty rich. Both Bushes were rich. Why should people dispise Romney because he's rich. At least he earned it.

So here we are with the country heading for a precipice at flank speed and congress is going on vacation for five weeks. Then they'll all be out campaigning. The election. Then it's lame duck time. Anybody get my drift here?

Is there anything better than home made banana cream pie made with French vanilla pudding and real whipped cream?

Why is Geitner still around?

If you do not know about the proposed UN Arms Treaty find out about it. It must be rejected in the Senate if it gets there. If they ignore it it could become law by custom. If you believe in the second ammendment and American sovreignity, this is important.

Did the "Curse of the Bambino" come back to the Fenway Park?

If you're the president, how many mulligans do you get on a speech?

If I had known blogging was this much fun, I'd have started a long time ago.

Preserve America!

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  1. Chicago Politics, I think these tactics are wearing thin with the majority of Americans. It's important to put Laws in place once we have swept the WH of this man, to guarantee our children and grandchildren never again suffer under the Elite Monarch that this man thinks he is.