Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Random Thoughts the Fifth

Back on June 13 I published a blog titled "Pray For the Sphinx". Unfortunately I may have nailed it. Last night I read where prominent Muslim clerics including Sheikh Abd al-Latif al-Mahmoud of Bahrain called for the Islamists in Egypt to destroy the pyramids. It would be a crime against mankind that should never be forgiven if this atrocity takes place.

If there's no Republican that knows how to run a presidential campaign, can't they just hire a Democrat. Hey, money talks.

I kind of like "Silent" Cal Coolidge. At least he wasn't out there twice a day every stinkin' day lecturing the American as if he was the only smart one like a current president I could name. OK, it's Obama.

Let me get this straight. 85 percent of Americans owned health care and were happy with it. Usually it was employer supplied. So we trash all that so that almost nobody will have employer supplied health care. The government is going to run everything. And the government is going to make up the infra-structure for this as we go along. This is just a new name for suicide.   The same massive out-of-control body that gets virtually nothing right is going to get this right. Not going to happen.

The Martha's Vineyard vacation got cancelled but don't worry Michelle's taking the kids to the Olympics as head of the US delegation. I wonder how big this entourage will be. You can bet it won't be just the three of them. And you can bet the accommodations won't be Motel Six.

Joe Biden in 2016? Really?

Does Mitt really want to win? I've seen city council candidates with more "win or die trying" attitude

You know that the economy is in trouble when you can buy live lobsters cheaper than deli-meat.

The unofficial unemployment rate is now 14.8 percent.

Not to crow but for the past few years southern New England has had the best year around weather in the country. I hope I'm not putting a hex on us.

Obama is running a genius campaign. While his surrogates rip Romney for anything and everything. Even if there is nothing there. Obama is out running against straw men that he constructs to his own convenience. Then he destroys them at will. Straw men don't fight back.

I think Romney has got to go with Christie. He is in desperate need of a street fighter.

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