Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Business is Business

Calvin Coolidge once said, "the business of the American people is business". Mr. Coolidge got it right. The great success of this country always has been and always will be business. It has never been and never will be political institutions. Political institutions suck life out of the economy by taking money from free working people and spending it carelessly and spending on programs that most taxpayers would reject.

A perfect example of this is Linden Johnson's "War On Poverty". That is a war that was lost before it even started. Billions of dollars were dumped into welfare programs. All that happened is the number of people living in poverty expanded. Today there are proportionally as many people living in poverty in the US as there ever has been. War lost. Some say that the student loan program just made more money available to colleges so that they could expand their staffs and charge more to students who would be saddled with loan payment at the time of life where they can least afford it.

But the one thing that government shouldn't do is to obstruct business. That is exactly what is happening under the Obama administration. I truly believe that the amateurs running the country today hate business and hate those that are successful in business. And the politicians have the big guns. OSHA alone can walk in the front door of any business at any time and walk out leaving that business devastated and ready to file for bankruptcy. Add to this the seemingly limitless restrictions that are devised by the EPA and businesses are helpless. If you don't fight they will shut you down. If you do fight you will drown in legal fees. Now throw into the mix FDA and the USDA and on and on. They never run out of acronyms.

Now Obama keeps repeating endlessly that all things bad are Bush's fault. As I remember it, for the first six years of the Bush administration the economy was pretty good. That, despite 9-11, Katrina, and a war. The last two years when things started into a downturn the House and Senate both were controlled by Democrats. True, Bush should have  been more constructive with the veto. But the fact is that for the past 6 years with the Democrats in control the economy has tanked. There has not been one step that they have taken that stands a chance to improve things at all.

It comes down to this, people. Keep destroying business and you will destroy the country. I think they are cognizant of that fact. Start getting business back on the right track and America will flourish. If you don't know which direction to go in, just turn around one hundred and eighty degrees and start undoing all that has been done. Wind up this government and give business a chance.

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