Monday, December 12, 2016

The New America

I will start out by saying that I was not a supporter of Donald Trump. I did vote for him because I felt that Hillary Clinton would be a terrible President and would do serious harm to the Republic. As I have, far too many times, I voted for the person I believed was the lesser of two evils.

Since the election, I am much encouraged. Mr. Trump is doing a far more restrained and presidential job than I expected. While the Democrats have just tanked into rancorous ranting. The control of the Democrat party has been left in the hands of old, and I do mean old, guard, like Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and Chuck Schumer. No progress there. While the front runner for the chair of the DNC, we have been told, is a Muslim with ties to CAIR and other jihadist organizations.

While the corrupt press is trying to present the Trump organization as being in turmoil and unable to reach decisions regarding staffing of the new administration, they actually appear to be prompt, open, and thorough in their deliberations.

There has been no covert operations, sneaking people in and out the back door. All have entered through the lobby of Trump Towers right in front of the press hungry to rip any and all candidates.

What they have not seen is a stream of barely known political hacks who would operate in the party's best interest. Not in the interest of the American people. What we are seeing are people who are mature, experienced, intelligent, and successful. Pretty much the opposite of the administration which is presently in power.

Mr. Trump made a lot of promises during the campaign. He seems to be making a good honest start at doing as he promised. Anyone with a lick of sense knows that all will not be perfect. But I am still much encouraged. Although some of his choices were not choices I would have made, they are still excellent choices.

It would be nice now, if all Americans rallied behind him and gave him an honest chance the way we all did for Barack Obama. Let him succeed or fail on his own merits. Some hopeful unity would be good for the American people right now. That way we may actually have the new America.


  1. Welcome to the Trump Train Cranky!

  2. "if all Americans rallied behind him and gave him an honest chance the way we all did for Barack Obama." Wow! you are delusional if you really think this is true. Even Trump himself wouldn't give Obama an honest chance by being the leader of the birthers. Nice try at rewriting history though