Saturday, December 3, 2016

Make Our Navy Great Again

I was just sitting and musing about President elect trump's first moves. So far, better than I had expected. I hope he gives the job of Secretary of the Navy to an old fashioned, hard ass, deep water Admiral. The Navy needs help. They have been degraded and embarrassed. 

The new Zumwalt class destroyers are a good example. There are serious questions about stability in a following sea. The first one to sea has broken down twice. Once in the Panama Canal. It is not as stealthy as it could have been because they cut the budget.

I got to thinking that those responsible should be "hung from the highest yard arm" as they did in the days of wooden boats and iron men. Then I got to thinking, they don't have yardarms any more.

Then I got to thinking, yes they do. There is one US Navy ship of the line that still has a yardarm or two. The frigate Constitution, Old Iron Sides, is still in service. OK so we are not actually going to hang anyone from the highest yardarm.

But, then I got to thinking, how about taking Old Iron Sides on a Navy Pride sail. I'm sure there are those in the Navy who know how to sail a square rigger. Not to long. Not around the world or anything. I was thinking two weeks to a month. It would be great exposure. TV news, local and national, would be all over it. Maybe even put a couple of videographers aboard for the duration.

I was thinking, out of Boston harbor, south around the Cape and Nantucket. Sail past Martha's Vineyard, and around Block Island. Head up the West Passage of Narragansett Bay, around Jamestown Island and out the East Passage. East to the Cape Cod Canal and get a tow through. Past Plymouth harbor and back to Charlestown where she's berthed.

That would certainly help to restore the shine on one part of America's great military. I hope someone in the new administration sees this and gives it consideration. 

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