Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Wisdom of Our Fathers part 1

There was a time not too long ago when the United States stood tall among nations. It was admired, respected, and even a little feared in some quarters. In fact, after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and forced us into World War II, Admiral Yamamoto of the Japanese High Command stated "we have awakened the sleeping tiger". He was proved correct when our nation geared up, cranked up and went to war as no country had ever done before. Three years later a world war fought on two major fronts and fought over three continents with skirmishes on two others, was over. The USA not only supplied war materiel for our own forces, we supplied, to our great credit, the needed supplies that kept our allies in the battle. We even built a fleet of "Liberty Ships" to transport food, arms, and equipment to where ever it was needed.

We, as a nation, were able to do this because we had heeded the advice of our past president Teddy Roosevelt. Teddy was what would be called a manly man today. He hunted, fished, went to war at the head of the Rough Riders and was even police commissioner of New York City. Although some might not embrace all of his political positions most would, or at least should, agree with his most famous quote. That is, "walk softly and carry a big stick". That "big stick" was not just military strength. It was also the ability to produce what was needed and the strength of will to get the job done.

We are no longer a sleeping tiger. We have become a toothless tiger. In the past American presidents bowed to no man. We did not rely on foreign countries to produce for us while we all sat in offices. Presidents had no doubts about the greatness of "the good old USA". Immigrants poured into this great country for a chance at freedom and to give their families the ho0pe of something far better than they ever expected for in their own lives. To them the streets were truly paved with gold. Today our president bows to every minor despot, apologizes for America at the gates of those that hate us, and begs the Russian president to give him room. In the mid-east where strength is respected, we are a source of amusement. We have fallen on very sad times. But then nothing is forever. Be assured, the United States shall rise again.

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