Friday, March 23, 2012

Cranky Conservative Defined

I use the blog name Cranky Conservative. I should use Cranky Constitutional Conservative but that is too long. But it is my point of view. The cranky part is because I see and hear so much in the news that are lies, partial truths, distortions, and things taken so far out of context that they become out and out lies. If one relies on any one source for news they will not get the whole story in almost every case. It is every case if the subject is political. Being retired and a news junky I tend to go, literally, all over the map trying to put facts together and making sense of the innuendo. Most of the media today is very agenda driven. Even the news sources rated most accurate by those that rate such thing have a rating of about 60%. That makes me cranky.

To be honest (I try to be  most of the time) I used to be a member of the Republican Party. I ran for office twice as a Republican. I left the party. Actually I did not leave them, they left me. For the most part their presidential candidates have been either sad retreads or of the "chosen few". I am now registered as an independent and consider myself a conservative of the constitutional variety. In my opinion the framers were geniuses. The United States Constitution is a skeleton upon which there hangs the body of the greatest nation on Earth. They also left behind the Federalist Papers for anyone who questions their thinking on any part  of the process of writing the Constitution. The Constitution is not organic in nature to be subject to the personal whims of any judge that thinks that his or her superior knowledge or experience should reign. When the government exceeds it's warrant the country has problems. Also when politicians attempt to circumvent the Constitution the country has even worse problems. Unfortunately thes actions become more frequent with each succeeding administration. That is why I am a Cranky Conservative.

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  1. I, too, am an Independent. Right now, the problem seems to be with all the Republican governors who want to squash womens' rights. The quickest way to no contraceptives is to make all men get vasectomies. As for the Constitution, it is not a Christian-oriented document, or even a religious document. Nothing in it says you have to be religious at all. Christianity and Jesus are never mentioned, nor is God, other than at the end, where the framers signed. Get the religious nuts out of the equation and our country may...that is MAY, survive. Pat Heldman